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The Season of Giving

Dear friends and family, This holiday season has been unique for all of us in many ways. With the political and economic unsettlements happening around the world, and back home (Lebanon), and all the difficult challenges each one of us is going through, we are very lucky to be witnessing people come together in a […]


Before and After Moments at Maria Aux

During my time at Maria Aux, I learnt a lot. It was the first project for kidsdeservemore and we had beautiful days and many other challenging ones. These challenges however are very good, especially at the begging, as they help us understand how we can help different communities and how different cultures work. And contrary […]

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We’re Back!

Hello beautiful friends! We hope you’ve had a lovely year full of laughs and beautiful memories. 🙂 I’m back in Dubai now, close to all my family and friends, working with an idol of mine from architecture school. (Santiago Calatrava, yay!) Those of you who have architecture backgrounds and/or know how passionate I am about […]

Independance Day 2

Activities and Fiestas!

Today’s post is a bit different, it’s not about our daily activities, but about the special days where we all try to give a bit more to the kids to make them feel like they can do anything they want (ish… haha) and be anyone they want. On Fiesta days, the kids can come dressed however […]

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A Day with the Kids of La Carpio

I would like to share a typical day at Maria Aux with all of you, so as you feel your presence with us there. We usually follow the same schedule, however we do special days and Fiestas which I will share with you next time. The Kids typically arrive at around 8:30, and are greeted by Sylvia and the volunteers. (The volunteers […]

30 beautiful Kids that have a few hours of love and care at the Maria Aux Daycare every day

The Kids Of La Carpio

The first project I am supporting is a small day care called Maria Aux in La Carpio, one of the poorest districts in Costa Rica. It is an hour bus ride from downtown San Jose and lies in a remote area built into a massive landfill. I don’t usually like to take pictures of context or location, as I always feel like […]