We’re Back!

Hello beautiful friends! We hope you’ve had a lovely year full of laughs and beautiful memories. 🙂

I’m back in Dubai now, close to all my family and friends, working with an idol of mine from architecture school. (Santiago Calatrava, yay!) Those of you who have architecture backgrounds and/or know how passionate I am about architecture will know how happy I am to be part of his team.

I am very happy, lucky, and blessed to be in a place where I can do a few of my favorite thing; spending time with my loved ones, working in my field passionately, and helping kids 🙂

I must say, leaving San Jose last year was very difficult (yes! It has been a whole year since I’ve left, and/or written). The first few weeks were hard; coping with changes, and of course – life happened, with all its challenges and distractions, pulling me away from writing and starting a new project.

I will start by saying this; I’ve missed it, I’ve missed the joy my heart felt from helping kids, I’ve missed the smiles of all the kids around me and the warmth they make you feel just by holding your hand, and I’ve missed writing to you all and sharing with you all the wonderful feelings we get from spending time with these little munchkins.

But, we’re back!

I have learnt that although we must always find time to help others, when we cannot for any reason, we must build our energy back up and jump back in at the right time. It’s ok to be distracted, it’s ok to be pulled way, as long as you know it and you plan on getting back into it.

Ok, so the focus of this post will be the next steps and plans for kidsdeservemore. The one coming up next week will be focused on the last few days at Maria Aux with a few “before and after” pictures of what we did, to remind us of how small changes and a bit of love and kindness can build hope for many children no matter where they are.

Kidsdeservemore’s main goal will be setting up a small project every year, anywhere around the world where children need our attention and support with one target; helping kids. Kids that live in small communities with no support system around them, kids that need a bit of attention and care, kids that want to learn and make changes in the world, kids like the kids of Maria Aux.

The rule is that we need to give all we can; time, ideas, love, support, and safety to kids anywhere at all – as long as they are not within a project already being supported by a team/corporation or a funding program.  We want to try to reach out to kids in small communities which have no one helping them and give them all we can.

For this, we need your help!

We have set up an Instagram account (@kidsdeservemore) where you can text us any ideas you have. Find a place that needs support and just let us know. We will brainstorm together, set up a plan, and find the best way to help the children. You may also simply comment on this post with your email address and we will get back to you.

Once the project is established, we will post it on the website for all of you (our amazing friends and family) to see and to let us know how you can get involved and help. It can be by giving ideas, by supporting a few hours a week from home, by flying in for a week or 2 to volunteer (your loved ones and friends are welcome to join as well!) , by sending someone who can support, or by simply spreading the word and love.

We have friends in many fields of work and they all want to help! We are truly blessed to have their support and want to make sure that we use it in the right way. We need to take advantage and use what we know and what we are good at and passionate about to help kids.

Anything is possible and we are ready to support many different projects, it doesn’t have to be related to building. It only has to be related to kids in need.

Anyone can help, and we will make sure we make it easy for you to do so. Whatever your field is, kids need and want the knowledge; we can teach them about traveling, cook for them, build for them, expose them to schools, teach them arts and crafts or languages, about animals…. It really is so easy – and we know you’d all love to get involved and you’ll enjoy it, very much.

You can also help by simply sharing something you are doing in your community or something your kids are doing to help other kids. Word of mouth and posts get spread so quickly and inspire our surroundings to do more. You’d be surprised of how much energy and motivation is given to people when they find out their friends are helping others. It’s amazing; really.

Please email us your thoughts and let us start spreading smiles to those beautiful kids together.

Kids do deserve more, and we are there to make that happen! 🙂

So happy to be back, love you all very very much.


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    Good luck!!

    I am here for any connections or support required in Beirut.


      • Rowina Armale
      • October 31, 2018

      Thank you Thea!
      We will definitely need and use your help ✨ ?

    • Naya Dagher
    • October 31, 2018

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see what’s next! If you need anything let me know x.
    Super proud of you ?

    • Nada
    • October 31, 2018

    God bless you. Very true kids deserve more, and they will get it from active youth like you. All the best

      • Rowina Armale
      • October 31, 2018


    • Micael
    • November 1, 2018

    It’s amazing!

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