Let’s Give the Beautiful Kids what they Deserve, and More

I don’t really know how to start, please bear with me. Putting words together to explain how much of ourselves we can give others won’t be easy. I will try my best.

I am very lucky to be able to visit a few countries and help kids get a bit of a better future, home, or school to come to every day. This is only happening because of the support and love I am given by all of you. My wonderful friends everywhere around the world, my lovely grandma, kind aunties and amazing cousins, mommy Fadia (and what a mommy you are) , my brother (my everything) Roy, and an angel that has been with me for 30 years – giving me unconditional love, direction, and support – I hope I will be able to give a piece of that love to these beautiful kids.

Every few days a blog will come out explaining what we have done, how we can do more, and the challenges we go through when we are helping others. I’d like this to help us see how we can all make a difference in the kids’ lives; no matter where we are, or how much time we have, we can do it together.

What I will try to do is get everyone a feel of how they can help with what they are passionate about. Helping kids through the design and construction experience I’ve had makes it all that much better for me. I get to share all I have learnt both at university, and at work.

Working the past few years with the incredible Eagle Hills and Belgrade Waterfront teams (and I do miss you all very much) – has helped me give all the kids I am meeting a bit of what each and every one of you has taught me. Thank you all for being amazing.

Mr. Alabbar, the kindness, passion, and love of life you taught us is helping us spread the great joys of life with the beautiful kids of the future. I do not know how to thank you for this.

I love you all very very much. Let’s give kids around the world a taste of the love and opportunities we are so lucky to have.

Be humble, be kind, have faith and have courage.



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